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Fill Your Bucket

Musings and meditations on life to bring more joy and mindfulness to daily life.

In my son’s preschool class they had a book called ‘How Full is Your Bucket: For Kids’ that we read frequently, and even got our own copy. It’s a powerful metaphor for the simple things that can affect how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. When you do something thoughtful or kind for someone else, or someone does something kind for you, your bucket fills. When you are cruel, or you only notice the things that are not going your way, your bucket drains. The lesson is really helpful for kids who can so easily get stuck when one thing doesn’t go their way, and may also have not yet connected how their actions can affect their own and other people’s feelings. But it’s also a powerful message for adults and this section of Live Great Days will explore the various ways I am finding to bring more happiness, mindfulness, and serenity into my daily life. Meditation, music, dancing, reading, stillness, silliness, laughter, and the metaphor about a bucket have all helped and I will share them here.

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