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Things that make me happy

I read another writer’s list of things that make her happy and I decided to think about and write my own. One of the simplest ways to bring more happiness into your life is to pay attention to and do the things that make you happy. OK, so you didn’t need this blog to tell you that. But it’s not always so easy to know what those things are. Things that make you happy also don’t need to be big, complicated things. I find the simplest things can bring such deep joy and satisfaction.

This is my list (at the moment). There is of course no right list and no way to finish a list like this. But just taking a few minutes to breathe in the parts of your life that already fill you with joy is a really nice thing to do for yourself.

A warm cup of tea with honey and milk in my favorite big mug

Clean sheets

The morning sun

The morning quiet and stillness

Intertwined feet

Fresh bread

When one of my favorite fruits comes back in season at the farmer’s market

My neighbor’s beautiful roses

Family dance party

My kids hugging and loving and helping each other

Kid laughter

The sound of the wind chimes wafting in from the backyard

Guilt-free time to read a book

Going to the library with my kids

Seeing the excitement my kids get from books

Trying a new recipe

Finding a recipe that just clicks with my family

Getting past the hump of meeting new people and to the point where it feels fun and carefree to have them over for dinner


Check out Lindsey Mead’s list here. What things make you happy?

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