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Research and insights from the scientific community to help guide our lifestyle choices

Everything in Moderation
One of my favorite researchers is Dr. Aaron Carroll, a Pediatrician and health services researcher who writes for the NY Times Upshot, has a terrific blog, and a really informative Continue Reading

I love learning new things. If I could, I would be a professional student. Which is why I love hearing about the evidence-based insights that come from scientific inquiry and research. It’s the benefit of learning without having to do the years of work yourself! That research can provide a foundation to guide one’s choices, making one more confident in those choices, and perhaps more likely to pick and stick with the healthy, most beneficial options. Having a scientific basis for something can also help us wade through the ever increasing, and often conflicting, commentary on how we should lead our lives. Most of the research I seek is nutrition and lifestyle in nature, but there are other health topics that I enjoy and may include as well.

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