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Everything in Moderation

One of my favorite researchers is Dr. Aaron Carroll, a Pediatrician and health services researcher who writes for the NY Times Upshot, has a terrific blog, and a really informative and fun YouTube channel. I have learned so much from him and his smart yet easy to understand analysis on a range of health topics. If you haven’t seen or read him, I highly recommend it. Your brain will thank you!

Dr. Carroll has several pieces on nutrition, and seeing his name on an article that essentially describes how we eat and live brings immense validation that we are maybe doing something right, or close to it. I am someone who values moderation and common sense when it comes to what I eat, but I also like to have some assurance that there is some scientific support for my approach.

Enter Dr. Carroll’s Upshot Simple Rules for Healthy EatingIt’s an unassuming piece that highlights the importance of eating a variety of foods, most of which one should make at home, but makes special note to not vilify or exclude any foods. What I like about his summary is it is very doable. It reflects an awareness that food is good, something to enjoy with friends as part of a pleasurable life. Restrictions often backfire and in most cases there is little scientific evidence demonstrating that completely abstaining from certain foods is the gold standard.

What I take away from this piece, and the way that we generally eat, is everything in moderation. Enjoy your home-cooked meal, and your store-bought treat (every once in a while). Recognize that there are lots of ways you can craft your menu. There are no absolute right or wrong answers. Live your life, eat good food, enjoy.   

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