Month: May 2015

Carrot Zucchini Raisin Bran Muffins

I know what you might be thinking, bran muffins? Um, no thanks. Well, these are really worth trying even if you’re not a bran fan. They are so rich and tasty, and they will fill your belly way more than any sweet, processed, mirage of a muffin ever will. ┬áThe only sweetener is a small […]

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Farmers’ Market Sunday Dinner

There is nothing like having a full and satisfying Sunday, filled with something fun and something outdoors, but not so busy that there isn’t a moment to breathe and rest for a little bit too. And then following up the fun-fulled day with a hearty and wholesome meal. Yesterday we had such a day. We […]

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Things that make me happy

I read another writer’s list of things that make her happy and I decided to think about and write my own. One of the simplest ways to bring more happiness into your life is to pay attention to and do the things that make you happy. OK, so you didn’t need this blog to tell […]

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